We offer anything from Kilos per month through to tonnes. We offer a packaging service as well as delivering boxed loose and can provide a mix of product with each order. 

We offer a huge variety of mushrooms and mix Vegetable  for sale : 

  • Mushrooms in a bag: 1.8 kg or 3.0 kg or 5 kg 
  • mushrooms in whole In a 150 kg barrel and In a 330 kg grid box pallet
  • mushroom salad
  • mushrooms pasteurized in slices
  • beetroot chips
  • pickled cucumbers
  • swedish cucumber salad
  • silver onions
  • mini pickles

We are exporting marinade mushrooms, pickles, onions, blanched mushrooms from the heart of Poland. Would you be interested to see the prices, capacity and more in a PDF? All from a company with tradition, and history. 

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