Agricultural Property Agency REGIONAL IN WARSAW

Acting on the basis of the Law of 19 October 1991. for real estate management Agricultural Treasury (Journal of Laws of 2012., pos. 1187 as amended. d.) and regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development dated 14 January 2009. On detailed procedure for conducting tenders for the lease of real estate Property Resources Agricultural Treasury (unified text: Journal of Laws of 2013., Pos. 1142)

Announces a public tender for oral

Developed property derived from liquidated state agricultural company called Enterprise Fishermen in Psarach, when the applied in Psarach, gm. Bielawa, pow. ?owicki, which is part of the Agricultural Property Treasury, specified in the list of 1 April 2015. Mark:

WA.SGZ.4243.15.7.2015. ?S

The subject of the lease is:

Real Property “is located within the built-up area 0030 Waliszew, gm. Bielawa, pow. ?owicki, province.

?ódz, marked in land records as plot No: 439/1, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449, 450, 451, 452, 453 of the total area. 4.7964 ha, including:

– Farmland built B-RIIIb – 0.4600 ha

– Land covered with trees and shrubs: Lz – 1.8235 ha

– Land under ponds: WSR – 1.8674 ha

– Trenches: W – 0.0455 ha

– Roads: Dr. – 0.6000 ha


For the District Court in Lowicz leading mortgage register No. LD1O / 00023402/1 Divisions III and IV of the said land register are free from any entries.

The property is a building built mansion in 1892. With an area of approx. 747 m2, m3 4388 cubic wooden structure, covered blach.  The building is equipped with such installations: electricity, water, sewage from the tank for sewage, central heating with own heat source. The building has six residential units and those premises are unused. In addition, the property features a park and ponds. Manor in Psarach covered by the tender has been entered in the register of monuments under registration number:

– The mansion of the late nineteenth century at no. 602A decision of 28.07.1983 r.

– Park established approx. 1898. According to the project Valerian Kronenberg under No. 276 decyzj1 of 16.09.1978 r.

For the area where they are located in / in the parcel, the municipality Bielawa does not have a valid local spatial development plan. According to the urban planning approved by the resolution of the Commune Bielawa.

No. XXI / 82/2000 Bielawa Municipal Council of 30.06.2000. Area where the parcels are located is designated as an area Z – s1 is a graveyard green areas, parks, recreation areas. It is a three-storey brick building with a gable roof and protective.


The property will be leased for a fixed period until 30 April

Starting amount of the annual rental:  18 000.00 z?

The minimum height increment:  200.00 z?

The bid bond: 10 000.00 z?

The tender will be held on May 15, 2015 at 13 in the seat.

Local Branch of the Agricultural Property Agency in Warsaw, Pl. Banking 2, 3c floor, room 34 – conference room.

The tender is open to natural and legal persons, if paid the organizer the tender bid bond in the amount, date, place and form specified in this announcement and meet other conditions specified in the tender notice.

Persons entering an auction should submit the Tender Committee the following documents:

1) Natural persons – identity document (ID card or passport);

2) The entrepreneur entered in the register of business activity – a document confirming identity and current certificate of registration in the register of economic activity;

3) Representatives of a legal person – an identity document and a valid copy from the relevant register, showing authorization to represent the legal person;

4) Proxies – an identity document and a written power of attorney -and in the case of a legal person – a current copy of the register, showing the empowerment people who signed the power of attorney to represent the legal person;

In the case of entrepreneurs entered in the register of business activity – a valid certificate of registration in the register of economic activities. In addition, people acceding to tender are required to obtain and submit to the Commission.The tender agreed with the Provincial Conservator of Monuments in Lodz utility for real estate which is leased.

The condition of participation in the tender is to pay a security deposit in the amount indicated above, money transfer to Agricultural Property Agency Regional Branch in Warsaw BGK 69 1130 1017 0020 1236 1520 0002 until 14 May 2015. Confirmation of payment of the bid security shall be submitted Tender Committee on the tender.

Deposit is not refundable:

  • Deposit paid by those who did not win the tender will be returned immediately after the cancellation or closure of the tender.
  • Deposit paid by the participant who wins the tender will be returned after the conclusion of the lease agreement.
  • Auctioned lease fee from the second payment deadline will be subject to indexation using published by the CSO indicators of changes in purchase prices of basic agricultural products in the first half of the calendar year preceding the date of payment.

Security-payment of rent and charges.

1) As security for payment of the 15-month’s rent laws for 6 months from the amount of annual rent, the tenant candidate must establish security in one of the following forms:

  • Guaranteed bills of exchange “in blanco” with documenting the estates financial situation of the issuer and guarantors bill;
  • Bank guarantee, irrevocable and unconditional – must submit a certificate from the bank to grant such a guarantee;
  • Blockage of funds in a bank account together with the power of attorney to dispose of the funds accumulated in this account – you must submit a certificate from the bank that it has resources, on which the lock is to be determined.
  • Mortgage (along with cesj1 of the insurance policy) on private property – must be accompanied by a current copy land register and real estate.
  • Deposit in the bank account of the Agency – must specify its height

2) The future tenant will be obliged to submit blank promissory notes from its own exposure to the collateral for receivables from a lease agreement and any claims for non-contractual use, documenting the estates financial situation of the issuer bill.

3) The future tenant will be required to submit a notarized declaration of submission to enforcement under Art. ß 1 777 points 4 and 5 k.p.c. ANR in connection with claims arising from the payment of rent with interest or remuneration for non-contractual use the subject of the lease and the obligation to deliver the property. Agency is a prerequisite for concluding the agreement.  Failure to condition submission by the candidate tenant selected in a tender within a prescribed period agreed with the Agency safeguards to withdraw from the lease agreement.

In addition, the tenant will be obliged to:

  • Execution within two years from the date of the lease agreement the basic renovation work identified by the Regional Office for the Protection of Monuments in Lodz Branch in Skierniewice – a letter dated 23 August 2013 (letter on file at the ANR OT in Warsaw). If you do not perform repair work within the prescribed time, the Agency solve a lease agreement with immediate effect.
  • Annual property insurance acquired in lease;
  • Maintain constant supervision of the leased property;
  • absolute protection of old trees and the compositional park; to carry out treatment, care and protection oldest and most valuable trees, gain acceptance WKZ in Lodz and consent of the Lessor in case of necessity felling of trees dry and dangerous and the intention to make new plantings of trees and shrubs;
  • Maintain in good repair joints;
  • Maintenance and care of green areas; regular mowing grass, weeding, fertilizing, etc .;
  • Perform other cleanup work necessary to ensure the appearance of the leased object. Ww. work and tasks lessee is obliged to perform at his own expense with the frequency resulting from the principles of the proper use of property;
  • Allow users to plots 463, 464, 465, 466 of free passage through the plot No. 451, 452, 453 in the part constituting the way;
  • Compliance with the provisions for the protection of monuments, according to the Law of 23 July on the protection of monuments and care of monuments (OJ 162, pos. 1568).

People taking part in the tender should be familiar with the announcement of the tender, the tender and the boundaries of the property. In addition, a bidder who wins the tender will be required to submit in writing to the minutes of the Tender Committee:

– A statement of reviewing the contents of the tender notice, its terms and pattern of the lease agreement and accepting them without reservations;

– Statements about hearing the subject of the lease, in particular legal status and borders of the property, the technical condition of the building and the condition of land, the park and joints and therefore will not be performed with possible claims under the warranty for defects in the leased.

– A statement waiving making lease payments, debts which he enjoys or will in the future be entitled to the Agency.

Informs that:

  • Organizer of the tender, without giving reasons, maybe before you start his conduct.
  • The property restitution claims have been reported.
  • With respect to the property pending administrative proceedings for unlawful acquisition to the Treasury.
  • The property is leased to the data from surveying records. Any resumption of borders is at the expense and effort of Tenants.

Detailed information on the conditions of the tender and subject matter of the lease can be obtained at the company’s headquarters Walewice Stud Ltd. (tel. 46 838 21 14, 693 055 015) and OT ANR Warsaw (tel. 22 531 16 48). Visual inspection of the above. Real estate can be made from 4 to 8 May 2015 between the hours of 9 the indicated phone numbers. The tender participant may read the draft lease agreement contains provisions which are not subject to determination through a tender at the headquarters of the OT ANR in Warsaw 00-095 Warszawa, Bank Square 3c 2nd floor room. 28, in the chair. 8: 00-16:00 .

The notice hung on a bulletin board: at the local branch of the Agency Bank Square in Warsaw 2, floor 3c, in the Municipal Office Bielawa, Psary rural administrative unit, the Office of the Lodz Chamber of Agriculture in Lowicz and in the company’s headquarters Stud Walewice Sp. with o.o as well as published on the in days: from 27.04.2015 to 15.05.2015