The year 2016 has witnessed remarkable changes in the UK construction market. Certainly traveling across the British Island you must have notice growing new housing estates, redevelopment of a neighbor’s house on your street, or large number of construction cranes in the city skyline. Yet this is another proof of the correctness of the theory that “there is no better investment than real estate”. So why don’t you too take an advantage of this opportunity!

For the lucky owners of the property, the current trend in the construction market is an additional opportunity to quickly increase their personal wealth. What is also worth noting – is the fact that within a year our house brings a lot more income than our annual salary! What more – any size of investment in the expansion and modernization of our property generates more than 200% of pure profit! For example – if we put in a home renovation amount of 30,000 pounds, within half a year from the completion of construction works, the value of our real estate will increase by the sum of 60,000 pounds.

Anyone who has ever built or modernized its house – knows how important is the time and above all budget of such operation. So what if Plutos Power Team will offer you full completion in less than three days?

Current trend is a slow process of moving away from time inefficient and technically backward traditional construction method, in favor of revolutionary modular construction. This growing in popularity new technology meets all standards required by the British Town and Country Planning Association. What’s more – introduced modern materials have incomparably better thermal performance (‘U’ Value). And time-saving system allows to build a new extension in less than three days without the need of use the heavy equipment, excavators and dump on the construction site. Simplicity of the system allows anyone to join at any time during the construction process.

Local Building Control Authorities require the finishes the new addition to be visually as close as possible to the existing building on the plot. Offered modular technology allows the use of a wide range of cladding materials. So it is possible for example to select reqiured brick color and the same format as existing house.

Design solutions, which we can prepare specifically for your individual needs, with use wide range of structural glazing will allow to create a naturally lit and spacious interior.

Added extension will allow, for example, to expand combined kitchen-dining room with a glass door to the garden (in summer – perfect for outdoor dining). The new addition may be also used as an extra guest bedroom, utility room or bathroom.

Roof glazing is also worth considering, as it is particularly important in the development of the ground floor extension into the garden (PDR allows up to 6 or 8 meters). They will illuminate the interior of the house, and when it rains – it will create the unique artistic effect.

An additional benefit of extensive glazing is addressing the house to the garden, which during the long cold months will allow us enjoying its beauty.

Technology of modular construction was created by a group of experts – designers, technicians and material researchers. The energy needed to produce particular modular system elements is used ergonomically. These parts, cut and mounted by each individual project, are produced in the factory environment, and when ready- are being delivered and assembled directly on site in just three days. Additional offer is also interior fit out, so the

new extension will be ready to be inhabited almost immediately. New structure has a forty years long live guarantee. Erection of the modular extension is being delivered by the group of skilled and experienced contractors, who also provides transportation of materials to the site.

This, however, depends on the customer what materials will be used to finish the interior and external facade of the building. Architectural project, along with the computer-generated visualizations with await the final approval of the client. As soon as the design is confirmed – the order is sent to the factory, where within several days all the modular elements are being made, using the latest technology and with millimeter precision.

Modular construction is also completly resistant to weather conditions such as rain, heavy snow fall or strong wind. Also, there is no the age limit or architectural style of the existing building, which could prevent the use of above-described technology. Which is also an advantage of modular technology, it is the fact that in order to place the new extension there is no need to relocate the drain and sewer. Even sloping terrain does not constitute a problem as the new development is placed on prefabricated steel plate with adjustable base. This reduces completely the need for foundations and deep excavations.

Also, the roof is made of ergonomic and economical technology. Light weight tile is used, with the variety of designs and colors, which allows perfectly to adapt to the local environment. All approved models are based on classic British design.

Used steel sheet tile is seven times lighter than traditional ceramic tile, and it still provides excellent protection and safety for the building roof. The manufacturer’s warranty is 40 years of its use. The technology used in the production of steel-tile allows for even distribution of profiled steel within sheet, which protects against possible cracking and deformation.

If you are planning a lighter type of development – like winter garden (conservatory) – a system of modular construction brings excellent and very quick solutions. The new structure will be built within one to three days. Brick walls are built to approximately 900 mm. height from the floor level. The remaining height of the walls and the roof above it is completely made of glass which allows for controlled circulation of fresh air and sunlight penetration. Full-height glazed doors open to the garden. A high-quality glass meets all the requirements of thermal insulation.

Quite common problem in a typical house is a lack of space for coats, shoes at the entrance zone, or even for storing a bicycle.
Modular construction system allows to resolve this problem in just one day by adding a porch entrance with storage space like a large wardrobe and shelves. The possibilities are endless, because the current PDR allow for addition to the front of the building ground floor of the maximum area of 3m2 measured in the outer contour of the wall. We can choose from variety of glass units – in relation to architecture of your house.

If we have a decent size garden and nature of our work allows us to perform it at home, why not erect a new pavilion, which could also serve our office. Modular construction system has wide range of interesting ideas to offer, with completion time on site from one up to three days depending on the complexity of the project. Additional advantage are the openable windows and full height glass doors into the garden, which on a sunny and warm day will allow us to enlarge our workshop space.

If you are interested in our projects – please give us call or email to Plutos Power Team.