As property prices in the UK have squeezed out, many serious investors have discovered an incredible opportunity in Poland which offers exceptional financial returns.

Over the past two years, along with several investors, I have purchased two large former palaces in Poland which will shortly be converted to residential use. One property will be designed for retired persons, and the second property will be home to Europe’s first hotel dedicated to agriculture.

This unique opportunity has arisen because the Polish Government and the EU are providing finance to qualified partners like myself to bring these magnificent properties back into use.

Please find links at the bottom of the email to aerial videos of the properties and to the Government backed scheme which provided 50% of the financing.

If you are interested in our ongoing investments please find below links:

-The Manor House in Psarach

-The Lubinicko Palace

The potential investors are welcome to come to our office in Poland and also have a view on the properties.

All details are the subject to discuss.

Please feel free to contact me directly so we can meet in person and I can show you all the documents and projects.

Eu Grants

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