The proposed investment included investing involves grade listed buildings mainly in Poland.

The background comes from moving the Polish borders after II World War. We are talking about approximately 101 000 km2( square kilometers ).On the land that was given back to Poland after 1989 there was a possibility to buy them from the government body called Skarb Panstwa. Most of the grade listed building was destroyed during communism.

Now it is the very last chance to buy small palaces and grade listed buildings, which are mainly in need of refurbishment and modernisation at different levels

When buying the grade listed buildings which are listed in register there is an allowance to use grants provided by the government and the EU via local authorities. One of the options is” de minimas” , which means reducing the purchase price of the property event up to 50%.

Here are the available projects/grants in Krakow:
– Priorytet I: grade listed buildings, which are currently used by the public, for educational, cultural purposes, art, administration, sport related, health related – e.g. hospital, clinics but also part of cemetery property.
– Priorytet II: churches, other religiously related properties,
– Priorytet III: commercial properties and residential properties
– Priorytet IV: green open spaces, monuments, headstones, cemetery related properties.

Maximum amount of grants

Grants over 50% needed funds will be allowed only under investors application, which will show at least one of the below:
the property has a specific historical and/or cultural meaning to the country
the property requires works to be done to it to renovate and bring back to working order
the property is in a bad state and immediately requires works – refurbishment, renovation and any other building works.

For Priorytet I the limit will be 5.000.000 z? ( £1.00 = 5zl)
For Priorytet II the limit will be 3.000.000 z?
For Priorytet III the limit will be 1.200.000 z?
For Priorytet IV the limit will be 80.000 z? for all works being done on 1 property and up to 250.000 z? for works being done for a number of properties, and also up to 600.000 z? where green areas of land are being looked after.

EXAMPLE INVESTMENT IN O?drzychowice K?odzkie

Asking price 749 000,00 z?
Minimum bid above last bid 7 490,00 z?
The value of the property 691 323,00 z?, approximately 92,30% of the asking price
Investment required – approximately 400 000zl
The price can be reduced to no more than 50% of the asking price if the buyer/invest will agree to complete works during time mentioned in contract, but no longer than 5 years from signing the contract.

The investment includes:
A manor house – property number 30128/034/165, pow. zab. 810,0 m2 , kub. 13 100,0 m3 , currently not occupied
residential building with extension – property number 30126/004/165, pow. zab. 205,0 m2
A joining building for the above two – number pow. zab. 40,0 m2
residential building next to the manor house – number inw. 30125/003/165, pow. zab. 600,0 m2 additional building – number inw. 30129/023/180, pow. zab. 600,0 m2
Residential building next to orangery – number inw. 30127/012/165, pow. zab. 415,0 m2 dedicated dining building budynek jadalni nr inw. 30136/038/180, pow. zab. 415,0 m2
Hothouse building -1 – number inw. 30134/036/180, pow. zab. 200,0 m2
Hothouse building 2 – number inw. 30135/037/180, pow. zab. 200,0 m2
Shed – number inw. 30130/016/180, pow. zab. 200,0 m2
Boiler room – number inw. 30133/035/180, pow. zab. 200,0 m2
Farm building – number inw. 30132/022/180, pow. zab. 624,0 m2
Additional information – water installation nr inw. 30138/050/235, electric installation nr inw. 30139/051/261, anti lightning installation nr inw. 30140/053/260, main gate and fence made of bricks, other parts of the fence include mesh fence.


The property is available at price approximately 400,000 PLN.
The strategy is to change of use for senior home – care home for approximately 100 people. Polish NHS will be providing approximately 2,900 PLN per month, German NHS approximately 4,600 PLN per calendar month. The property may bring in worse case scenario profit at level approximately 200 do 350,000 PLN per month.

Further calculations are to be confirmed.