Property details and address:

PGR Piotrkowice, woj. dolno?l?skie
2 grade listed property based in address 0015-Ligota Strupi?ska, gmina Prusice, pow. trzebnicki, woj. dolno?l?skie

Land borders and land number 137/12 AM-1
Land 0,1970 ha
Land number 137/15 AM-1 o pow. 0,4689 ha
Land number 137/5 AM-1 o pow. 0,0637 ha

The asking price:
81 000,00 z?
Minimum up bid 810,00 z?
The investment includes:
land nr 137/12 AM-1: 0,1970 ha – residential buildings
Land nr 137/15 AM-1: 0,4689 ha, z czego – land with trees and greenery
Land nr 137/5 AM-1: 0,0637 ha – road.

The investment is located on the border of a small town Ligota Strupi?ska, approximately 14 km away from town called Prusice where local council has it’s location and approximately 36 km from Centre of Wroclaw.
It surroundings are mainly parks which are part of protected parks in Poland.

The residential building is a grade listed building, has 2 levels and loft but not basement.
The property is registered under the below numbers in the country registry:
WR1W/00027783/7, WR1W/00027784/4 i WR1W/00027780/6

The property has access to electricity and water, sewage and phone line.
The price of the property can be reduced up to 50%, if the buyer/investor agrees to carry out works in time agreed in the contract, but no longer than 5 years.
Discount of the purchase price is under grants called ‘de minimis’ provided by EU for restoration of grade listed buildings.

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