aerial inspection services,The highest quality camera with which the Air Drone drone is equipped enable us to make very detailed records and photos. Thanks to that it is possible to perform precise inspection: any technical and building premises (also the highest ones), extended on the vast area (e.g. highways and railways), existing infrastructures (power lines, pipelines). Thanks to the video transmission to operator in the real time, it is possible to perform the inspection during a drone flight. Additionally, possibility of installing a thermal camera enables us to monitor heat loses.

Saving time and money

Usage of pilotless air vehicles is many times cheaper than classical methods. Drone doesn’t need a runway to take up, it is remotely controlled from the ground (no flight crew), and it doesn’t consume a huge amount of fuel. Thus its application doesn’t entails high expenses.

It’s not a problem to closely examine the highest premises. It takes up to 1 minute to achieve the height of 500m. How much time will it take to assemble scaffoldings? How many people will work on that to achieve the same result? And for how much time? Drone inspections are really beneficial – you save time and money, and improve the security! 


Thanks to the inspection from the air you can prevent mistakes or accidents on the Earth. Early detection of a defect can minimalize the risk of a failure, which very often is related to high expenses and the danger of bystanders’ life or health damage. The drone is a pilotless vehicle, so performing the inspection in dangerous, inaccessible or the highest areas doesn’t involve any risk.

Not big investments only!

• Modern agriculture. Filming vast agricultural areas allows you to plan the time of harvesting or optimalisation of fertilization.

• Forest management/Horticulture. While planning the tree-felling and planting areas, it is invaluable to shoot the forest/orchand from the height.

• Insurances and damages. Aerial photos allows you to record the damages caused by natural disasters, such as: hurricanes, floods or fires. Photos of caused damages are a proof obligating the insurer to pay damages to aggrieved. From the height it is easier to see ripped off roofs, farmlands covered with water or burnt forest.

What do you get from Air Drone?

– consultation while planning the inspection process (in terms of drone moving)

– high resolution photos of premises on which the inspection is carried out (quality 4K)

– high resolution video materials of premises on which the inspection is carried out (quality 4K)

– real time access to recording materials (possibility of carrying out the „live” inspection)

– getting to and mobility on site of realisation

– delivery of finished material in the form agreed (to download, on a USB memory stick, DVD disc, others)

– possibility of carrying the inspection out in an inaccessable places

– we are independent of electricity networks (own power supply)

Why is it worth it?

• Money. Drone usage is much cheaper than a classical methods of inspection. Economy means lower costs. Lower costs mean higher profit.

• Irrespective the area, the process of inspection isn’t time-consuming. It usually takes from several minutes to several hours. 

• Safety. Inspection is processed without the risk of workers and bystanders’ life or health damage.

Why you should make records by drone?

For Developers and Building Companies

Precise aerial records made by Air Drone drone perfectly demonstrates the progress of performing work. Thanks to that we can record the construction process of the building. Such records are repeatedly required by many institutions, banks or future purchasers. It will confirm the appropriate work execution. Future purchasers of property will get the possibility to see how the investment was executed step by step and, as a result increase their confidence in your company. We can also make a visualisation of landscapes from the height of future penthouses by the drone. Filming by drone is a certainty that your potential customer will understand the advantages of investment localisation better. Drone shooting has benefits only!

For Estate Agencies

Perfect way to improve the attractiveness of sales offer is to add some aerial photos or videos.  It will highlight the assets like beautiful surroundings, transport links, original figure of property, etc. Such solution will make you offer different from others, thus will capture your potential customer’s attention. 

What will you get from Air Drone?

Under the service, depending on your needs, you will get original raw footage or ready to use advertising materials. We are able to:

– creating a scenario (taking your guidance into account)

– shoot by drone (aerial)

– shoot by camera from the ground

– background music and dedicated music

– audio recorder (to record speeches, interviews, etc.)

– film subtitles

– visualisation and 3D graphic

– text reader

– one or more language version of materials

– editing

– postproduction

– getting to and mobility on site of realisation

– consultation while making the project

– delivery of finished material in the form agreed (to download, on a USB memory stick, DVD disc, others)

What you gain?

  • Record of performing works.

  • Trust of Customers who can see step by step how the investment progresses

  • Promotional materials facilitating the properties sales

  • Uniqueness. You don’t repeat schemes of tedious opponents


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