About Us Looking to find out more about the company behind the vision?Please see below to see exactly what makes Innovate Living so unique within the industry.

Innovate Living LtdVision Statement At Innovate Living we envision creating a new approach and accepted standard to housing developments. We see communities where families, friends and neighbours harmoniously co-exist and forge bonds that last a lifetime. We see people living healthier and more active lifestyles, utilizing the various facilities on site. We see the warming smiles of those who were previously unable to get on the property ladder, who now, can take pride in their own home.Innovate Living have an unending drive to see that our mission and vision are fully implemented because we know that what we plan to do, will literally change thousands of lives directly and many times more than this indirectly. We see progress, we see positivity and we see the dream fueled by the present need for what we want to achieve.–

Innovate Living LtdMission Statement At Innovate Living, our aim is to continuously raise the standard of living, whilst simultaneously reducing the cost of housing within the UK. We do this by creating innovative, modern and eco-friendly homes, all set within our lovingly crafted and unparalleled communities.Our mission is based on change and development; it is to implement forward thinking idealism within the UK housing market. We pride ourselves on innovating the standard for homes and communities both in the immediate present and for decades to come.–

Innovate Living LtdLong Description Innovate Living was born out of the growing need in the UK for quality living at a truly affordable price, sustainable homes for the living wage.We aim to revolutionize home buying standards by utilising the most efficient of innovative building techniques, in regards to construction, and combing renewable resources with luxurious features previously found only in the market aimed at the elite.Our homes have been designed, revised and perfected since day one with an unending drive to achieve the singular goal in mind, raising the standard of living within the UK.Innovate Living produces homes that are carbon neutral for life, by using creative environmentally friendly ideas, we can give you a carbon neutral household, based on UK average car mileage and UK average home electricity usage. So every day you wake up in an Innovate Living home, you will be making a difference.Building on the eco-friendly and environmental integration principles, are the use of green roofing, green walling, natural wood cladding and gabion walls. All of which act to blend the buildings into the surrounding areas, whilst maintaining the aesthetically pleasing designs the modern family deserves and demands.These luxurious homes are also appointed with everything the modern household needs to be truly comfortable in their home, including; underfloor heating, LED lighting, stone and natural wood flooring, choice of kitchen materials and other features previously reserved for the upper end of the market.As well as creating homes, over houses. We are also focused on creating communities, over estates. Innovate Living takes the creation of a more pleasurable environment seriously and implement a variety of added extras into our developments. These extras are always focused on engineering healthier and happier lifestyles for all. From one allotment per dwelling, so that the whole family might get involved in growing organic food for the dinner table, to exciting and engaging play areas for the young ( and young at heart ).An Innovate Living development, is a holistic approach to wellbeing and the raising of the accepted standard of living


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