We are offer you cooperation regarding huge Palace Retirement Home investment project.

This exhilarating opportunity is to own an 50% share of a Historic Palace Complex currently in the process of being turned into a high-end retirement home.

The building is a former German Government building comprising of a 2500sqm main home with an additional court and many other buildings within this very special complex.


The retirement home is high end and will be catering to private residents, as well as those from the German NHS system.


Property Value:

Current – £1,100,000

Projected – £6,000,000 – 8,000,000

Business Value:

Revenue – £2,226,278.11 – £2,968,370.81 pa

Profit – £1,004,778.32 – £1,628,666.39 pa

Investment Opportunity: 


Once renovated, the home will consist of 75-100 rooms. Based on the lower projection of 75 rooms, the projected turnover is £2,226,278.11. With running costs totalling £1,004,778.32, the business will produce a net income of £1,224,449.79 per annum.


To design and develop this building complex will require £2,400,000 in funding, which will be mainly covered by European Union and other heritage grants. The remaining amounts will be comprised of development / business loans.

You are looking at a return on investment within the first year of trading, as well as huge capital growth.

The complex will consist of 75-100 rooms across all of the buildings with an additional; swimming pool, helicopter pad, cinema all set within 13 hectares of stunning scenery.

We are planning to renovate this 100 room palace over the next 3 years and we are looking to individually rent out each room in this exclusive retirement home to high profile contacts, such as the German government, who has already expressed interest.

This is an exceptional opportunity in terms of raw per annum profit, capital growth, heritage and prestige. This is the type of investment opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime, choose to invest in this project and you will not regret it.

I have also included a document overview of the project and will follow this email up with another showing the palace in video form.

Lubinicko- inside

If you are interested, please contact us:
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(+44) 07718059284
YouTube : goo.gl/OQgZb6
1 York Road, Hounslow, London TW3 1LA
Please also forward this to everyone that might be interested in cooperation.

If you are interested, please contact us:

The Palace (the old and new parts) has been listed in the register of national heritage buildings by decision of the…

Posted by Plutos Power Team on Wednesday, 13 February 2019

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