We are offer you cooperation regarding huge Palace Retirement Home investment project. If you help us, to find investor for the project described below you will receive up to 5% commission on the amount of investment!
We offer you an exhilarating opportunity to own an 30% share of a Manor House in Psary, Poland currently in the process of being turned into a high-end hotel.

The Manor House was built in 1892. Manor house, with an area of 747 m2, located on a plot size of 4.8 ha, where more than 3.6 ha of land is decorated with trees, shrubs and ponds.

The hotel will offer gourmet meals, amazing green areas and also heliport. 

Once renovated, the business will produce a net income of £804,778.32 – £828,666.39 pa

To design and develop this building complex will require £2,000,000 in funding, which will be mainly covered by European Union and other heritage grants. The remaining amounts will be comprised of development / business loans.

At the moment, pre development, the property is already valued at £ 650,000 so a 30% share in the company already exceeds the investment requirement!! Post development the complex has a projected value of £3,500,000 – £4,000,000.

You are looking at a return on investment within the first year of trading, as well as huge capital growth.

This is an exceptional opportunity in terms of raw per annum profit, capital growth, heritage and prestige. This is the type of investment opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime, choose to invest in this project and you will not regret it.

I have also included a document overview of the project and will follow this email up with another showing the palace in video form.

If you are interested, please contact us:
(+44) 07718059284
YouTube : goo.gl/OQgZb6
1 York Road, Hounslow, London TW3 1LA
See also Psary Palace: 
Best regards,
Plutos Power Team
Please also forward this email to everyone that might be interested in cooperation

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