What makes Durisol technology sustainable?

By definition sustainable it is something that preserves our natural resources, this or the other way. This helps societies to survive and thrive for very long. But what about building materials? Is the wood a sustainable material?

Depending on certain conditions, yes. This is because of the way the forests are kept and managed, the type of transport is used and how the wood is processed decides about that.

Durisol blocks are made of recycled wood and 0-carbon cement. A house build with Durisol preserves energy. It has very high thermal performance and is airtight. As a result, very little energy (which can be renewable source) is needed to keep constant temperature and humidity inside. Consequently, if by design such house may not require heating or cooling at all and any electric device can be of low energy consumption. Therefore, with different technologies we can build a 0-bills house.

This is why I believe that Durisol is the sustainable building material, which does preserve the forests, energy and create healthy living environment. Using this material we build houses for life, hence more savings in the long run.

Watch the video 1 and two subsequent, then let us know what do you think in the comments.

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