Increasingly, we provide companies with drone services.

Increasingly, we provide companies with drone services. Very often producing enterprises want to be shown from the air. It’s to be a business card of a dynamically developing company, but it’s not only about aerial photos, it’s about the film shot by the flying drone. Dynamic editing and carefully selected music can make your opponents get green with envy and your clients look at you delightedly.

Air Media have already made over dozen of films by flying drone.

You can see some of the films on Usually such film together with aerial photos can be made in two days. Shooting takes about 2 hours, postproduction up to 2 days and the cost of such drone service is really minor. The photo above was taken during our latest realisation near Warsaw. Our drone services provided to companies are in the focus of the interest. While shooting such films, we can also start with a thermal camera and check the energy installations or building insulation. This way you can benefit from drone service with minor costs, saving your time and money.

Drone services not only from large height.

Additionally, being on-spot we can shoot the inside of production halls, or by filming from the low heights demonstrate, in an attractive way, everything that the company wants to show off. Such form of advertisement is absolutely more attracting to customers and arises interest and curiosity. Drone services which we provide customers with become very popular and currently not having photos or film shot by flying drone is like non existing on facebook, and it is not an exaggeration.


You should obtain drone services from professionals

Cooperating with Air Media you can be sure that your film will be unique. We never shoot films in the same way. Every record is different and truly reflects the nature of the company. Only we provide the best drone services for companies. You are welcome to contact us!

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