Terms and Conditions 1. The agreement in respective of a holiday let whereby the

1. The agreement in respective of a holiday let whereby the

2. The Tenant will:
2.1 Pay the rent at the time* and the manner aforesaid without any deduction abatement or
set-off whatsoever
2.2 pay all charging in respect of any electric, gas, water and telephonic or televisual services used at or supplied to the Property and Council Tax or any Similar tax that might be charged in addition to or replacement of 1t

2 .3 keep the interior of the Property in a good clean and tenantable state and condition and not damage or injure the Property) or any pan of 1t
2.4 yield up the Property at the end of the Term in the same clean state and condition 11 was in at the beginning of the Term

2.5 maintain at the Property and keep in a good and clean condition all of the items listed in the Inventory
2.6 not make any alteration or addition to the Property nor without the Landlord’s prior written consent to do any redecoration or painting of the Property

2.7 not do or omit to do anything on or at the Property which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Landlord or owners or occupiers of adjoining or nearby premises or which may in any way prejudice the insurance of the Property or cause an increase in the premium payable therefore

2.8 not without the Landlord’s prior consent allow or keep any pet or any kind of animal at the Property
2.9 not use or occupy the Property in any way whatsoever other than as a private residence

2.10 not assign. sublet, charge or part with or share possession of occupation of the Property or any pan thereof provided however that the Tenant may pern1it the residential occupation of the Property as a whole by the Tenant’s officers, employees, customers and visitors so long as the Tenant continues to be responsible for the Rent and all other outgoings and does not make any charge whatsoever in respect of the same to the occupier and no relationship of landlord and tenant is created or allowed to arise between the tenant and the occupier

2.11 permit the Landlord or anyone authorized by the Landlord at reasonable hours in the daytime and upon reasonable prior notice (except in emergency) to enter and view the Property for any proper purpose (including the checking of compliance with the Tenant ‘s obligations under this Agreement and during the last month of the Term the showing of the Property to prospective new tenants)

2.12 pay interest at the rate of 4% above: the Base Lending Rate for the time being of the Landlord ‘s bankers upon any Rent or other money due from the Tenant under this Agreement which is more than I 0 days in arrear in respect of the period from when it became due to the date of payment

3. Subject to the Tenant paying the rent and performing his/her obligations under this Agreement the Tenant may peaceably hold a the Landlord or any person rightfully claiming under or in trust for the Landlord1. In the event of the Rent being unpaid for more than 10 days after it is due (whether demanded or not) or there entering into liquidation then the Landlord may re-enter the Property and this Agreement shall thereupon determine absolutely but without prejudice to any of the remedies in respect of any outstanding obligations on the part of the Tenant

4. The Deposit it has been paid by the Tenant and is held by the Landlord to secure compliance with the Tenant’s obligations under this Agreement (without prejudice to the Landlord’s other right. and remedies) and if, at any time during the Term, the Landlord is obliged to draw upon it to satisfy any outstanding breaches of such obligations then the Tenant shall forthwith make such additional payment as .is necessary to restore the full amount of the Deposit held by the Landlord. As soon as reasonably practicable following tcrn1ination of this Agreement the Landlord shall return to the Tenant the Deposit or the balance thereof after any deductions properly made

5. The Landlord hereby notifies the Tenant under Section 48 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987 that any notices (including notices in proceedings) should be served upon the L.1ndlord at the address stated with the name of the Landlord overleaf
6. I n the event of damage to or destruction of the Property by any of the risks insured against by the Landlord the Tenant shall be relieved from payment of the Rent to the extent that the Tenant’s use and enjoyment of the Property is thereby prevented and from performance of its obligation< as to the state and condition of the Property to the extent of and so long as there prevails such damage or destruction (except to the extent that the insurance is prejudiced by any act or default of the Tenant)

7. So long as the reference to a right of early tern1ination in the definition of the “TERM” overleaf (the “early termination right”) has not been deleted then either party may at any time during the Term tem1inate this Agreement by giving to the other prior written notice to that effect. the length of such notice to be that stated in the early termination right, and upon the expiry of said notice this Agreement shall end with no further liability of either party save for any antecedent breach

8. Where the context so admits:
8.1 The “Landlord” includes the persons for the time being entitled to the reversion expectant upon this Tenancy
8.2 The “Tenant” includes any persons deriving title under the Tenant
8.3 es and fittings at or upon the Property

8.4 The “Term mean the period stated in the particulars overleaf or any shorter or longer period in the event of an earlier termination or an ex1ension or holding over respectively

9. All references to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and any obligations or liabilities of more than one person shall be joint and several and an obligation on the part of a party shall include an obligation not to allow or permit the breach of that obligation.


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