Single and Two Storey Extensions

Whether side or rear and sometimes both, it may be possible to build using your permitted development rights.

Loft Conversions

The majority of lofts can be converted and is an excellent way to provide you with an extra bedroom or two, and maybe an en suite.


Where the garden is large enough , an extension can provide you with the extra living area you require.

New Build

We can provide you with contractor advices from the outset and support from concept to completion.

Interior Alterations

We can advise you on how best to re configure your existing home to make best use of natural light and existing features.

Garage Conversions

Planning permission is not usually required, providing the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building.

Lead Consultant

Advising on the need for and the scope of services by consultants, specialists, sub-contractors.Facilitating communications between the client and consultants Advising on methods of procuring construction Monitoring the work of the consultants Reviewing the progress of design work Developing and managing change control procedures, and making or obtaining decisions necessary for time and cost control

Issuing instructions reasonably for the purpose of time and cost control of co-ordination of design work within the scope of the project subject to obtaining prior approval of the client Reporting to the client at regular intervals on progress or as necessary applying for further instructions or approval to proceed.

Lead designer

Co-ordinating preparation of work stage programme for the design process

Co-ordinating design of all constructional elements, including work by consultants, specialists or suppliers Establishing the form and content of design outputs, their interfaces and a verification procedure

Communicating with the client on significant design issues


Preparing and maintaining for each work stage a programme for performance of the services, including any services not completed in a previous stage

Providing designs, specifications, advice and information concerning the design for which the designer is responsible with due regards to cost, functionality, build quality, buildability, construction safety, operation and maintenance.Determining materials, elements and components, standards of workmanship, type of construction and performance in use for the relevant design

Preparing drawings, sketches, schedules, specifications, calculations and production information for the relevant design as appropriate.Giving due regards to the guidelines contained in the current publication Good practice in selection of construction materials, unless authorised by the client in writing to specify or authorise products or materials generally known within the designer’s profession at the time of the specification or authorisation to be deleterious or hazardous to health or safety or to affect the durability of construction works

Where engaged to provide services during the construction stage other than any duties in connection with administration of the building contract – making the appropriate number of visits to the site for:-inspection generally of the progress and quality of the relevant design as built- approval of such elements of the works as may be specified to be to the reasonable satisfaction of the designer-Obtaining information necessary for the issue of any notice, certificate or instruction by the administrator of the building contract

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