Please find the contract of Affidavit of Title below

I, ______________________________________________________________ (name) of _________________________________________________________________(address) _______________________________________________(occupation)
MAKE OATH and say as follows:

1. I certify that I am now in possession of and am the absolute owner of the following property _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

2. I also state that its passion has been undisputed and that I know of no fact or reason that may prevent transfer of this property to the buyer.

3. I also state that no liens, contracts, debts, or lawsuits exist regarding this property, except the following _____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

4. I finally state that I have full power to transfer full title to this property to the buyer.







______________________ Signature

Sworn at____________________________________________________(address)

This ___________day of _________________________19____________
Before me.

_______________________________ (A Solicitor or Commissioner of Oaths)

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